Betty's Pet Grooming School LLC  was established in 2000 as a vocational 300 hour basic pet grooming course.

Or mission is to provide the highest quality educational and practical experience to a career in pet grooming.

Betty's Pet Grooming School LLC is dedicated to raising the standards of the grooming profession.

Completing Betty's Pet Grooming Course, you will have a good foundation and a complete kit to be a professional pet groomer for dogs and cats.

You will learn basics like, nail trimming,ear cleaning, bathing and drying, all the way thru grooming and scissoring pets to breed standards.

You will receive a diploma stating you have completed and are in good standing.

Betty's  Pet Grooming School LLC is licensed with:

Higher Education Coordinating Commission

775 Court St. N.E.

Salem, Oregon  97310       (503) 947-5751



Pet Grooming School LLC

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13  Wonderful Years of Life-changing Learning