Is the school licensed?

​Betty's Pet Grooming Schoo lLLC is fully licensed by the          Higher Education Coordinating Commission  

​                                                                                                  775 Court  N.E.       Salem, Or  97310     (503)947-5751

What is a certified Master Groomer?

​Graduates who wish to further their education may complete the certification process to increase credibility and recognition as a professional. Currently there are three different organizations that certify groomers nationally. Betty's Pet Grooming School LLC will introduce and prepare students and graduates for testing.

​Does Oregon require a license to groom?

​No. However, completion of our school assures that you have the necessary skills to find a job and stand out in the grooming industry.

​Will you help in job placement?

​Our school maintains an extensive list of job openings as well as, grooming business for sale.

We also can help you in setting up your own grooming business.

Will I work on live animals?

​Yes! Your second day! Most of the class will be "hands on" experience. Each animal requires a different grooming technique. At our school you will be exposed to a wide variety of dogs and cats each day. You alone will be grooming 2 sometimes 3 animals a day. There are more than enough dogs and cats for the students. This increased experience will give you the confidence to excel upon graduation.

​What days are the classes held?

The first 8 weeks, class is Tuesday and Wednesday 8am-4:30pm.

After the initial 8 weeks of training, we schedule students more days per week if desired according to your needs and schedule.

​You would have the opportunity to complete the 300 hours required sooner if you add more days per week other than the initial two. (Sunday, Monday, Thursday, every other Saturday are not available for added days)

​It could take 4 1/2 months or as little as 3 1/2 months to complete the 300 hours.


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How many students are  in the class?

​Each class contains 3-4 students. We keep class size small so we can offer personalized quality training.

Pet Grooming School LLC

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​Does the school accept credit cards?


Does the school have financing?

​No, we do not offer financing through our school.

​When will classes start?

The first Tue of February and of August.

​What kind of equipment will I learn on?

​Betty's Pet Grooming School LLC is fortunate to have the latest in technology. You will learn on the same or better equipment used in shops today. 

Because of our excellent reputation, we have grooming equipment calling us  to try their latest and best equipment.

​This will increase your confidence and success in the grooming industry.

​Will I get a certificate when I complete the course?

​Yes. You will receive a certificate of completion from Betty's Pet Grooming School LLC after successfully completing the written and practical tests, an average of 3 full grooms a day, and the required 300 hours.